Horror Line

MZC-001 Mezco Chucky Talking Sneering 15 inch Doll

Child's Play : Mezco
8.750,00 TL
NEC4-230 Neca Halloween Ends : Ultimate Micheal Myers Acrtion Figure

NECA Ultimate Horror Series
3.250,00 TL
NEC4-229 Neca Saw: Billy the Puppet on Tricycle with Sound 12 inch Action Figure
FUN1-1741 Funko FNAF Freddy Bitty 4-Pack Mini POP Figure
FUN1-1739 Funko FNAF Foxy Bitty 4-Pack Mini POP Figure
FUN1-1738 Funko FNAF Ballora Bitty 4-Pack Mini POP Figure
KK1-203 Kotobukiya Pennywise (Monochrome Version) Bishoujo Statue

Shunya Yamashita Horror Bishoujo Series
12.000,00 TL
HT4-038 Hot Toys Wednesday Cosbaby Collectible Figure

Wednesday Cosbaby Series
2.250,00 TL
FUN1-1635 Funko FNAF Helpy SNAPS Figure
BLTZ-003 Blitzway Ghostbusters: Afterlife ECTO-1 Sixth Scale Vehicle Replica

Ghostbuters / Ecto-1 1:6 Car Replica
195.000,00 TL
NEC4-221 Neca TMNT Ultimate Casey as Phantom of the Opera 7 inch Action Figure

NECA Ultimate Series : Universal Monsters x Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
2.750,00 TL
NEC4-220 Neca Friday the 13th Part VII Ultimate Jason (The New Blood) Figure

NECA Ultimate Horror Series
2.750,00 TL
WETA6-008 Weta Stripe Mini Epics Vinyl Figure

Gremlins / Weta Workshop / Mini Epics Serie
1.600,00 TL
FUN1-1394 Funko FNAF Snow Chica POP Figure

Funko Pop! / Games Series 939
825,00 TL
FUN1-1381 Funko IT Pennywise with Baloon POP Keyring
FUN1-1367 Funko FNAF Toy Freedy with Storage Room SNAPS Figure
FUN1-1366 Funko FNAF Golden Freedy with Stage SNAPS Figure
FUN1-1364 Funko FNAF Bonnie SNAPS Figure
FUN1-1363 Funko FNAF Nightmare Bonnie SNAPS Figure
FUN1-1362 Funko FNAF Foxy SNAPS Figure
FUN1-1360 Funko FNAF Toy Chica and Nightmare Chica 2-Pack SNAPS Figure
FUN1-1359 Funko FNAF Toy Bonnie and Baby 2-Pack SNAPS Figure
FUN1-1281 Funko Killer Klowns Baby Klown POP Figure

Funko Pop! / Movies Series 1422
825,00 TL
FUN1-1280 Funko Killer Klowns Fatso POP Figure

Funko Pop! / Movies Series 1423
825,00 TL