Hobbit & Lord Of The Rings

PURE-004 PureArts Sauron Art Mask 1:1 Life Size Bust Replica

Lord Of The Rings / PureArts Art Series
55.000,00 TL
NC3-004 NC3-004 Noble Collectibles Saruman Staff Pen
NC4-008 NC4-008 Noble Collectibles The Hobbit : The One Ring Replica

The Hobbit filminde kullanılan Tek Yüzüğün 1:1 ölçülerde üretilmiş replikası.
NC4-010 NC4-010 Noble Collectibles The Hobbit : Thorin's Key and Map Full Size Key
NC1-052 NC1-052 Noble Collectibles The Hobbit : Thorin's Key 1:1 Replica
NC5-002 NC5-002 Noble Collectibles Gandalf Illuminating Staff 1:1 Replica
NC5-004 Noble Collectibles The Hobbit : Dwarven Treasure Coin 1:1 Life Size Replica Set

The Hobbit / Noble Collection Replica Series
2.450,00 TL
QS-006 Queen Studios Balrog Wall Mountable 1:1 Life Sized Bust

Lord Of The Rings / Polda Edition
225.000,00 TL
IS-012 Infinity Studio X Penguin Toys The Ringwraith 1:1 Life-Size Bust

Lord of The Rings / Nazgul
175.000,00 TL
NC6-004 Noble Collectibles The One Ring Stainless Steel on Chain 1:1 Life Size Replica